A friend of mine suggested a comic that had the tag line "Fuck the Police".  Plenty of nuance beyond that, but it reminded me of a few occasions work has offended people IRL.  
    For my first comic show in 2011, I made a batch of t-shirts based on my "Crazies" Coexist parody comic and had them hanging in my booth .  A woman spotted this from 50' feet away and charged at me growling "So you think religious people are crazy, do ya'?!!"  After a few minutes of reviewing the beliefs of some of the great world religions, I got her to admit that 6 of the 7 letters were indeed "crazy".  I told her that was who I was referring to, and we parted on good terms.
    No such luck with the woman at Small Press Expo in 2013 who found it "unfuckingbelievable" that my new book had "absolutely nothing to do with Sanskrit!"  She stormed off before any reconciliation or font joke discussion could take place.  Microaggression.   
    At this same show the following day, a bit of scene played out when a con-goer declared, with a pointed finger and yelling that I had no right to make a joke out of one of his holidays.  I was able to talk him down enough to "get" the joke and he actually chuckled, said it was alright, then decided to go back to being mad. 
    Sorry crazies.  No offense intended.