I'm discovering that Kickstarter is new to some, so a quick primer... the site allows creators to obtain capital for their projects by accepting pledges before production is complete. In the case of comics, it's essentially a pre-order. I've priced out the amount of books I need to print to get the costs where I'd like them, and used that to establish the funding goal. If I reach the goal in 30 days (now 18) the charges are processed and I can go to print and fill the orders. Otherwise, no one is charged.

    So if you like my stuff, see below.

    As importantly, if you have a lot of nerds in your digital life, know some particular nerds that might be interested, or even a retailer (there's a retailer tier) please share. HUGE THANKS TO ALL WHO'VE ALREADY DONE THESE THINGS! Individual thanks coming, when I get caught up.