• Free Comic Book Day commissions. Leto’s Joker and a ninja turtle cutting Michael Bay’s head off.

  • A comic about a new business idea I had…
    P.s. I’ll be at Collectors Corner Bel Air Maryland location tomorrow starting at 10am. Come get free books and possibly mayonnaise.

  • Just finished up a little story for Howie Noel’s Tara Normal Book 2. Kickstarter launches Monday. Taranormal.com for more info.

  • imsorryforlogic:


    Baltimore Coverage you may not see.

    Baltimore coverage we all need to see

    Hopefully, everyone has seen these images, but if not they’re worth a look…

    It’s a good reflection of the community, as well as the police and National Guard to combat the hyperbole in every direction.  

    Big Media loves to stoke fires, pit people against one another, and report only the most sensational parts of a story with intentionally altered context.  The curfew countdown clock on the screen last night, like it was New Years Eve, next to looping footage of the previous night’s events was particularly telling.

    If you’re not disgusted by how the events of this week were depicted by national/mainstream outlets you might need to get out of your bubble.

    I also think this is an important clip, even though it was cut from the video Fox News posted online.

  • mutantfunnies:

    Available exclusively at Atomic Books this Saturday (May 2) for Free Comic Book Day (along with over 50 other books)! It’s also the first Independent Book Store Day! More info here. 

    We’ll also have screenprints of the Mutant #6 cover for the first 5 people.

    Mutant #6
    Publisher: Atomic Book Co.
    Editor Benn Ray / Designer Ben Claassen III
    Atomic Books’ 7th annual FCBD comic! This year, Mutant focuses on work by local/area artists, including Ben Claassen III, Nick DiFabbio, Laurent Hrybyk, Jordan Jeffries, Sara Lautman, Nate McDonough, Colin Panetta, Sean T. Collins, Mike Riley, Sarah Schneider, Adam J. Tolman, and Robert Young.
    Mature Readers
    Cover by Nick DiFabbio

    Get this Saturday at Atomic Books.  

  • heightwithfriends:

    Height Zone World 39. My guest this week is Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk. Gregg is an electronic musician from Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve known each other since I played a show in his parent’s backyard in 2000, and I was excited to get a detailed breakdown of his career.

    We talk about his early Pittsburgh-based noise band, The Joysticks, and his background in the noise world. He tells me about the first two harsher Girl Talk albums, and the new direction he forged on 2006’s Night Ripper. His breaks down his new ventures as a hip-hop producer, including his recent collaboration with Freeway.

    Mike Riley’s art this week is a mashup of Big Daddy Kane’s Long Live The Kane, Ice Cube’s AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, 2 Live Crew’s Nasty as They Wanna Be, and Cypress Hill’s self-titled debut. This episode is hosted by Splicetoday.com.