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    This is episode 54 of my podcast, Height Zone World. My guest this week is Mike Apichella. Mike is the main man behind the band Human Host. He’s spent the past few years creating Towson-Glen Arm Freakouts, an in-depth archive of the early 90s music and arts scene in north Baltimore County. He currently contributes to Splice Today (which also hosts this podcast). I’ve been a fan of his music since 1996, and I was (very briefly) a member of Human Host.

    He talks about being inspired by the free-form radio of Towson University’s WCVT, and how that station turned him on to Sun Ra and 60’s punk bands like The One-Way Streets. He talks about his friends coming together to form the Towson-Glen Arm scene, and the people that helped mold it into a movement with long-lasting influence. He talks about the tragic death of his friend Dave Willemain, and how that eventually pushed him to make music and art as a life-long pursuit.

    Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to Trick Daddy’s www.thug.com. This episode is hosted by splicetoday.com.


  • heightwithfriends:

    Height Zone World 53. My guest this week is DavO, aka David Richardson. He’s one half of the hip-hop duo Double Duchess. We’ve known each other since 2000, and I was excited to get the full story on his music journey.

    We talk about his early days as a rapper/drummer in Annapolis, MD, and his struggle to find his identity as a lyricist. He tells me about moving to the west coast, and how Double Duchess was spawned from a DJ night he put together in San Francisco. We talk about their debut album Hey Girl!, and the darker territory they’ve covered on their two most recent albums.

    Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to Main Source’s Breaking Atoms. This episode is hosted splicetoday.com.


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    We’ve got piles of art to share and many more guests to announce for SPX 2015, but here’s the part where we need you.  Helping us spread the word is the best way to make this show a success.  

    If you’re into it, download a printable copy of Gemma Correll’s adorable flyer and make a few copies to share anywhere the faithful gather in your neck of the woods.

    If that’s not quite your speed, simply reblogging this post would be just grand!

    Thanks so much!  
    We’ll see you in September!


    The stars aligned.  I’ll be at SPX again next month with new works!